Electronic 2-in-1 Dog Training Collar & Outdoor Wireless Fence Stystem 300m Waterproof Reflective Pet supplies for All Dogs

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Electronic 2-in-1 Dog Training Collar & Outdoor Wireless Fence Stystem 300m Waterproof Reflective Pet supplies for All Dogs

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【2-in-1 Dog Fence Wireless System】We are the first one who has adopted the most advanced 2.4G frequency technology that consistently provides a more stable and accurate signal transmission than the others. In fenced mode, the control diameter can be up to 1968 ft. (adjustable radius from 98 ft.). You can use any terrain as long as you are outside. When your dog is out of range, the receiver will make a sound, and then a 3.7V low voltage mild electrostatic shock reminds the dog to go back.

【2-in-1 Dog Training Collar Remote Control System】 Innovation combines the outdoor wireless dog fence and dog training function. Click “Mode” to switch mode. The dog training mode provides sound,vibration, and static warning functions. Each feature has a 1 to 6 action duration adjustment and a linear control range of up to 984 ft.The receiver works at low pressure, so don’t worry about harming the dog’s hair.With 2 or 3 extra collars, you can choose to train one dog while the other 2 dogs rest.

【Environmentally Friendly Waterproof Reflective Stripe Collar】The collar is made of eco-friendly TPU material and will evolve into powder after 5 years. The outer layer is equipped with a reflective belt to improve the safety of dogs at night. The receiver is IP65 dust-proof and IPX7 waterproof and can be used safely in the rain and wet environments, allowing dogs to play enthusiastically. One transmitter can match up to three collars and control each collar/dog separately.

【Built-in Rechargeable Batteries】 The receiver charges in 2 to 3 hours, and the transmitter charges in 4 to 5 hours. With normal use, the battery can last for weeks. When the power is low, the indicator light will flash and remind you to charge it. If the collar does not work, it will automatically enter the standby mode. The standby mode can be maintained for more than six months, and it can be awakened by the dog’s movement or human touch.

【Thoughtful Design and Service】The collar size ranges from 8 to 28 inches, is suitable for dogs of all sizes (10 to 110 pounds), and is adjustable. The receiver operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity without harming the dog’s hair. Since there are two sets of different lengths of conductive posts, you will choose the appropriate conductive post, and this will not harm the dog’s fur.


1. 2-in-1 function:

LED display, pet wireless fence and remote control, sound vibration shock trainer.

2. The LED displays 5 different control radius distances:

30 files = 30 meters(radius)

60 files = 60 meters(radius)

90 files = 90 meters(radius)

150 files = 150 meters(radius)

300 files = 300 meters(radius)

3. In Fence Mode:

(1) Turn on the default enclosure mode and put the collar on the dog. Place or hang the launcher in an open place and use “+” and “-” to change the range. Centered around the transmitter, the remote control can reach a radius of up to 984 ft. (300 m) and cover up to 70 acres. The receiver collar is constructed with waterproof design for outdoor use of any weather condition.

(2) When your dog goes beyond the boundary, the receiver collar sounds a warning for 5 seconds. If the dog doesn’t return to the fence after 5 seconds, it will be simultaneously warned and shocked for 6 seconds. If the dog still doesn’t return, the receiver collar warns it with a sound, not an electric shock for the safety of the dog. If the dog stops moving outside the set range for more than 5 minutes, the receiver stops making sounds and goes into standby mode. Work mode is restarted when the dog is reactivated.

4. Dog Training Mode:

(1) Press the “mode” key to switch mode, and the score sheet 001,002,003 represents three receivers. (This product is a one dog system, so just select 001.) The remote control of the dog trainer can reach about 984 ft. as the crow flies.

(2) You have three button selections of “sound,” “vibration,” and “electrostatic prompt.” Each function has 1 to 6 levels of adjustable intensity. The lower number means a shorter time, and the larger number means a longer time. The modes are adjusted with “+” and “-“.

(3) The intensity of each function remains the same as the previous operation. For example, if you set the sound function to six, the intensity of the sound function will remain six after shutdown and restart of the product. If you need to change the intensity, press the “+” or “-” button.

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