888 Newest Smart 2 in 1 wireless pet fence system 990ft training collar with wireless pet fence Reflective fluorescent TPU

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888 Newest Smart 2 in 1 wireless pet fence system 990ft training collar with wireless pet fence Reflective fluorescent TPU

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888 Controller: Lithium battery, rechargeable

888 Receiver: Lithium battery, rechargeable

* Controller LED display 100, 200, 300, 500, 990 feet

* The Controller and Receiver are all waterproof and can be placed outdoors

* The working intensity of the receiver can be adjusted to 1-3 gears

(Better protect the health and safety of dogs )


Smart 2 in 1 wireless pet fence is the newest product in market, design is very novelty and combine training collar with wireless pet fence, it’s easy for operating and mode switch.

It can be used on table or outside and it is effective to train pet developing good habits.


1. 2 in 1 function;LED display, Wireless pet fence &Remote control (Beep+Vibration + Shock )

2. LED display 5 levels signal fence distance(According to the environment, there will be a gap of ± 16ft )100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, 500 feet, 990 feet

3. Both transmitter and receiver are rechargeable. The receiver is waterproof and dustproof.

4. Reflective fluorescent TPU collar, improve the safety at night.

5. Use with silicone sleeve to prevent pets from directly touching the metal.

Function Operation:

1. When “100/200/300/500/990” displayed on screen, it is in wireless fence mode. press MODE button switch to dog training mode, in dog training mode, LED display “001”,“002” or “003” means for 1,2,3 dogs. Sound function display 1; vibration and shock function 1-2-3 Level can adjust different strengths.

2. In dog training mode can remote control 3 dogs at same time, press ‘+’ or ‘-’button to change control which dog. There are 3 functions on the right of the panel: sound, vibration, shock.

Wireless fence using guide:

1. Support 5 dogs in maximum, the biggest straight line radius is 990ft, wireless fence and as center of the transmitter.

2. When dog exceed the setting range, receiver will start working mode automatically. (refer to the working modes at “Working Principle” ).

3. Please keep the Transmitter always power on, if not, After 2 cycles of working modes,it will launch di-di-di sound always.

Dog training using guide:

1. The biggest straight line distance is about 990ft for dog training collar.

2. 3 dogs can be remote controlled mean while, LED display “001”Means the first dog, “002”for the second dog,“003”for the third dog.

3. Independent “sound”,“vibration”,and“shock”3 function for options. The vibration and shock functions have 1-3 Level adjustments, and press “+” “-” to adjust. Vibration” and “Electric Shock” The greater the number, the stronger the intensity.

How to pairing Transmitter and Receiver:

1. Fully charge and power on;

2. Press “+” or “-” to choice paring which Receiver (001,002 or 003) ;

3. Press transmitter panel “MODE” button for 3 seconds until the LED flashing, then press the receiver power button for 3 seconds, after pairing successfully, LED and receiver indicator light will be on always.

4. Use test method to test is connected or not ; (please see “How to Test”)

Receiver using guide:

1. Receiver is water proof and rechargeable, the metal probes can be replaced according to dog’s hair length. Receiver static for 5 minutes, to sleep. Touch or move the receiver , it will be awakened.

2. Press power button 1 second, receive will be turned on, power light will be on always, Press power button gently, receiver will be turned off.

3. LED testing light used for testing shocking, testing light on means shocking function is working. can be used as wrench to fix metal probes.


1. Transmitter is rechargeable with DC 5V, 2500mah lithium battery, LED will display 000 flashing When low battery, please charge in time, usually 4-5 hours for full charge. After full charge, the red light will be on always, please use the original charger.

2. Receiver is rechargeable with 5V 400mah lithium battery, taking 2-3 hours for full charge and then be used for about 500 times.

3. Receiver 5V low battery reminder: indicator light flashing, please charge in time, after fully charged, the green light will be on.

Low battery alert:

Indicating red light flashing, please charge in time.

Working Principle:

1. Receiver will not work among setting distance, will work as below when exceed the range.

2. When dog not in the range, Receiver working modes as below: 1–2–3(indicator light flashing)

1). Sound 5 seconds;

2). Vibration 5 seconds;

3). Sound& vibration at same time for 6 seconds;

4). Shock 5 seconds;

5). Sound & Shock at same time for 6 seconds

3. After 5 working modes, it will launch di-di-di sound always. The receiver will not work until the dog return to the setting distance range or press power Off.

4. After 5 minutes of static, it will enter standby mode.

5. After the second no signal 5 second delay work.

Please read the instructions carefully before use:

1.Please use in the open area without barriers,The transmitter should be more than 1 meter above the ground. because barriers will affect the product use.

2.Not for use with aggressive dogs. DO NOT use this product if your dog is prone to aggressive behavior.

3.If you are not sure that this product is right for your dog, please talk to your veterinarian or a certified trainer.

4.Risk of electric shock. Use the fence transmitter indoors in Dry location only.

5.Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day.

When possible reposition the collar on the pet’s neck every 1 to 2 hours.

6.Wash the dog’s neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth.

7.If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the skin has healed.

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Style i 1 collar, Style i 2 collar

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Smart 2 in 1 wireless pet fence






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